B2B Sales Workshop

A workshop that will help you gain insight into how to reach customers and achieve competitive advantage.

What is this course all about?

The Business-to-Business Sales Workshop takes you on a journey that will help you gain insight into how to sell your product or service.
The goal of this workshop is to help you develop your marketing and sales skills by applying specific techniques and methodologies to your own research.

What will this course cover?

You will learn how to build a Go-To-Market strategy, which includes:
DEFINING the Value Perception for your product;
IDENTIFYING your Target Market and
DEVELOPING an Action Plan for your approach.

You will develop strategies on how to manage the entire process of selling your product or service.
Lastly, we'll offer you some one-on-one coaching for your own company!

Take a look in the classroom

Meet the experts

Paul Celen

Head coach - B2B sales Expert

Luc Jacobs

Business Development Manager

Michael Humblet

Sales Coach - SAAS  / B2C Sales Expert